Are these the worst video games that lied to us?

Lies are the basis of all my relationships, at least little white ones. However, I’m not sure I would like someone being conned out of their hard-earned cash like too many publishers have done to gamers before…

Anyway, before the internet and everyone’s love-hate relationship with social media, video game companies only really had one way to market games; the box art. In fact, there have been so many games that had incredible box art, but when it came to the actual game, it was totally awful. Yes, we’re looking at you, Saboteur.

Though, in recent times thanks to the marketing machine, video games are now massively hyped to the point in which they blatantly lie to us, and here are five of the worst offenders:

1. No Man’s Sky

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Remember when we listed this in the worst video game launches of all time? Yeah, well this totally applies here as well. Once again, it was an ambitious attempt from the small UK developer, but they failed.

If you don’t believe us, here is a list of everything they missed out:

    • Planetary physics
    • Ship classes with meaningful differentiation
    • Faction reputation with meaningful gameplay impact
    • Homogenous resource availability
    • Asteroid landings
    • Space station and fleet destruction
    • Large fleets
    • Travelling freighters
    • Large scale battles the player can join
    • In-atmosphere battles
    • NPCs outside trading posts and other docks
    • Ringed planets
    • Sand planets
    • Flying between stars (as opposed to warping via the Galactic interface)
    • Complex creature behaviour including environmental interaction
    • Rivers
    • Points of interest such as large structures and crashed freighters
    • Hacking locked doors
    • Radio chatter
    • Interaction with other players

Yeah… quite a lot.

2. Fable

Ah, Peter Molyneux, he cannot help himself, can he? It has been almost every game of late that he gets involved in.

Just take everything he says with a pinch of salt because the fact of the matter is, it won’t be like that in the game. However, Fable might be the worst crime he made. Sure it was a decent game but compared to what he promised it was basically a polished turd.

He claimed there would be a huge dynamic world that changed on every action of the player. NPC’s that changed their mind on what players got up to.

Did we get that? Nope, we got an average RPG which your aunty would end up buying you for Christmas.


3. Mighty No.9

I’ll be honest, I was excited about this game. Yep, even I can fall for the hype machine and instantly regret my purchase.

Led by Keiji Inafune and promoted as a spiritual successor to MegaMan, the Kickstarter was funded by so many people. However, those people (including me) found out their money wasn’t going straight on the game but also on a live-action anime and another project.

When the game did come out all we got was a mediocre platformer that looked more like it was form the 90s than 2016. For video games that lied to us, Mighty No. 9 is just a p*** take.

4. Brutal Legend

The demo of this was fantastic, and all the promotional footage looked brilliant, even though it starred Jack Black. A game where you were a metal head and got to fight a massive devil.

However, there was a big flaw in the promo footage… it was ‘carefully’ selected to show no Real-Time Strategy parts. The RTS turned out to be the main part of the game, and if you fell for the clever advertising, then your dream of being a metal god was over.

5. Aliens: Colonial Marines

What a steaming pile this hot mess was, seriously.

Though, falling for this one was okay simply because we all want a great game from the Alien franchise, as it is just ripe for adapting. The promotional footage certainly bigged it up, with pre-rendered footage shown as actual gameplay, making it look fantastic.

The game we got was just horrid. Terrible graphics, more bugs than an entomologists office and half-baked ideas.

Things were so bad that a lawsuit for $1,250,000 was filed and SEGA just decided to cut their losses. As video games that lied to us go, this one is probably the worst.

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