Pokemon Go is a dead game? Yes but it’s not the only one.

Video games can be overhyped and overrated. However, sometimes, you end up having a game that is loved at first, but then over time it becomes hated, or just falls out of love.

These games can end up being less loved by a whole host of reasons; from poor marketing, microtransactions or terrible servers.

So what are these games? Well, we’ve got five of them and the reasons behind their fall from grace.

1. Pokemon Go

Now, I actually still play this. It is a great way to play Pokemon casually and also lose a few pounds, thanks to all the walking you do. That being said, there is no denying that this game totally fell from grace.

Even though I’m still a fan, I can see why people started to get annoyed. For starters, Niantic put a stop to sites that would show Pokemon nests in your area. Then they failed to really update the game with anything meaningful in the first couple of months.

Ironically, now Pokemon Go is a lot of fun and has all sorts of new features with the third-generation. That being said, if you ask the internet, they will tell you that actually, Pokemon Go is a dead game.

2. MAG

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This game actually holds a Guinness World Record for the most console players on one server. How many were they? Well, a whopping 256 and do you know what? It actually worked and was a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, the ambition wasn’t enough when the game started to die. Going up against Call of Duty and Battlefield wasn’t the best of ideas. The servers closed in 2014, so even if you wanted to play this game, you can’t.


3. Mass Effect 3

Another game that I liked a lot, in spite of everything that people said about it on the internet. While the single player may still grind people’s gears, the multiplayer was all sorts of fun. In fact, I continued to play the multiplayer for a few years after release.

The problem was though, people just stopped playing it, making it very hard to get into a game. The single player clearly had a negative impact on this, as did the fact the loot system was very random – feeling unfair at times.

I played a hell of a lot of this game and still hadn’t unlocked certain items or characters.

4. The Last Guardian

Look, after close to 7 years of hype, cancellations, rebirths and all sorts of development issues, you can see why people would be prickly about it. Announced in 2009 but not released until 2016, this game went from potentially being one of the biggest of all time, to arguably flopping despite how good it was.

Fans that wanted to play this when first announced had probably had enough by the time it got to the release.

5. Titanfall 2

In no way is this a terrible game and it isn’t that hated. However, it just went under the radar due to one thing… the release. The first game was released in Spring and went on to be a decent hit. However, the sequel was put up against the likes of Battlefield and Call of Duty, meaning it stood little to no chance.

You can play it for free if you have EA or Origin access and there are still people playing it but nowhere near the amount that should be.

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