Who are the best competitive snipers in the world?

There are few better feelings in video gaming than hitting a meaty sniper shot. It doesn’t matter how far away it is; if they’re stood still or not, the feeling is just fantastic.

There is a reason why sniping is just so popular; everyone really wants to be good at it. However, there are only a select few who can totally dominate with the sniper.

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So, who are the absolute best at the moment; who are the ones hitting those sick y-y 360, ladder stall, bounce fakey, no scopes?

Well, here are five of the best snipers in video games at the moment.

1. GuardiaN

This FaZe Clan member has been on FIRE recently, hitting shots many wouldn’t even go for. Oddly, his best period with the AWP has actually come as FaZe has managed to miss out on two major finals.

That being said, he is easily the best AWPer around in Counter-Strike at the moment and might just be able to keep up with FalleN as time goes by.

2. FormaL

The thing with FormaL is that he just hits shot after shot after shot. Nothing totally insane, no gimmicks, just sniping of the highest calibre.

You can definitely see why he is on OpTic as a slayer because with a sniper he can single-handedly lock down an area.

Before he was dominating on COD, he was a total nuisance on Halo and easily up there with some of the best in the world.

3. Stodeh

Not exactly the biggest name in the esports world, but he has got a very healthy following on Twitch and Youtube. If you have ever seen him play competitive Batallion 1944, then you will know all about what he is capable of with a sniper in hand.

Basically, he clogs up feeds with kill after kill and looks like a total nightmare to play against.

Is he one of the best competitive snipers? Well, this video might just convince you on that one…

4. FalleN

Another CS:GO AWPer who has had some fantastic battles with GuardiaN over the years. While GuardiaN may very well be the best in the world at the moment, FalleN has easily been the best for several years now.

In fact, since he turned pro back in 2005, he really has been the pinnacle of AWPing in Counter-Strike. If you’re getting Awp aces in CS then you must be good, and FalleN has got more than you can even count.

He really is one of the best competitive snipers of all time.

5. Nagafen

Now, missing out the likes of FaZe Kampy and OpTic Nadeshot may be blasphemy. However, Nagafen is another incredibly talented COD sniper who has never actually won a major.

And this is in spite of him hitting some genuinely outrageous shots. Now with Evil Geniuses, it should only be a matter of time before he finally picks up the win at a major tournament.