Over the past year or two, Dream has become one of the biggest YouTubers on the entire planet.

He’s built up a rabid fanbase of followers who track him across his range of accounts.

With millions of followers across a range of platforms, you can understand why Dream likes to keep certain elements of his life private, including his face, so it was a massive surprise when, on his alternative account, he posted his phone number.

So, did he leak it? What is it and what’s the deal. Let’s take a look at the Dream Phone Number situation.

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Who exactly is Dream?

As stated, Dream is one of the fastest-growing, most popular content creators on the internet.

He rapidly grew his YouTube channel to over 10 million followers in the space of a year, before hitting 20 million just a month or so ago.

The YouTuber regularly creates content for his channel, as well as streaming on Twitch and tweeting to millions of followers.

You can see the details of his different accounts right here:

So what exactly is the Dream Phone Number situation?

Well, a couple of days ago, on Dream’s alternate Twitter account, a number was tweeted out, with a message saying “text me!”

Initially, fans of the creator were alarmed, thinking he’d potentially been hacked or there was some other form of foul play happening, however, the number did legitimately turn out to be Dream’s. Kind of.

The number he actually tweeted out was created especially for interacting with his fans.

What happens when you text the number?

Well, to start with, the number is only available to Dream’s US fans.

Dream states that the “first two messages are automated” however, “after that it’s me.” This will now allow Dream to message anybody on this list.

While not a lot has happened as of right now, it’s a great opportunity for the creator to build on his fanbase, as well as maybe do a sneaky bit of marketing.

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